• Our printing machines are all topnotch and high-profile machines such as Hidelburg, made in Germany with the highest quality and standard.

  • We specialize basically in single color and bi-color printing and make use of the best Hidelburg printing machines for these purposes. Our printing machines are guaranteed to make the maximum impressions and produce super-clear and super-quality print images.

    Depending on your needs and requirements, we also offer bicolor printing, ensuring that the printout looks visually impressive and also making sure that the aspects of your 3D printed model are highlighted.

  • We invest in state-of-the-art technologies and ensure that we keep tabs on the latest trends in print technologies especially in single color and bicolor printing.


  • We understand the importance of using the right lamination machines in producing the best quality lamination. At PrintHouse, we primarily use heat activation lamination system with automatic lamination. We make use of BOPP lamination film which has amazing features such as excellent gloss, high transparency, superb moisture barrier, and efficient chemical resistance.

  • We ensure that your laminated document is glossy, attractive and sustainable. We leverage optimally thick lamination film to ensure that you get the attractiveness and rigidity you desire in your laminated document.

  • Our efficient lamination process ensures that your document would possess a perfect finish, unique thickness, and tear resistance. We can laminate all kinds of documents of various sizes and forms while making sure that the highest quality standard is maintained.

Die Cutting

  • We make use of the best die cutting machines to ensure outstanding papercrafting for our customers. Whether you want unit die cutting or bulk die cutting, we have the right machine that would serve your purposes.

  • We make use of automatic Heidelburg die cutting machines for bulk die cutting production. Our die cutting machines are essentially some of the finest die cutting machines made in Germany and China and the machines are used to produce an outstanding outcome for your papercraft work.

  • Nowadays, die cutting has advanced remarkably to include cutting-edge technologies. We also understand the immense importance of precision and high quality when it comes to producing papercrafts for our customers.


  • In PrintHouse, we invest in the best bindery equipment in order to offer excellent services to our customer.

  • Some of our most common bindery equipment and services include saddle stitching, wire spiral, punching, clip, and automatic folding machine.

    Saddle stitching is a vital method for binding books. However, it is most suitable for books around 64 pages or less. Our bindery experts in PrintHouse are dedicated to making sure that you get the best service for saddle stitching.

  • Binding with wire spiral is also a very popular art, commonly referred to as spiral binding. Spiral binding is important to organize a document and make it look neat and presentable. While there are several forms of spiral binding, you can be sure of the best quality with us.